LI2DAY was organized to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and other cancer research, to benefit cancer sufferers, survivors, and their families, and to support organizations that are participating in such efforts.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 affected LI2DAY’s  events, sponsorships and fundraising ability.  After 17 years, we are saddened to close our doors.  Thank you to our Board Members and amazing volunteers who have contributed to our success!

Board of Directors

Ginny Salerno, Founder & Executive Director
Michael Salerno, President
Stephanie Sciara, Vice President
Mike Polansky, Secretary & General Counsel
Noreen M. Wohlgemuth, Treasurer


Amy Newton
Gail Mancuso
Jeffrey Picarello
Pam Stockley

Advisory Board

Andrew Levine
Donna Marano
Steve Matonti
Kristie Moore


Susan Shulman, Communications
Darlene Olszewski, Snack Procurement

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