Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has received $294,800 in grant funding from LI2DAY over the past 13 years.  Funding from LI2DAY has been utilized for breast cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor.  Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, are conducting cutting-edge research aimed at developing new diagnostics, preventative strategies, and therapies for breast cancer.  LI2Day has supported different researchers over the years at CSHL.

Last year it was Dr. Alea Mills. About Alea’s breast cancer project.  “This project aims to further define the role of CHD5 (a protein that packages our DNA) in controlling of mammary gland stem cells and breast cancer, thereby establishing feasibility for using CHD5 in the breast cancer clinic. This work will help to identify new targets for preventing and treating breast cancer. Thus, further defining CHD5’s tumor suppressive role in breast cancer is of critical importance.”

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