Cure Mommy’s

Cure Mommy’s has been a beneficiary organization since year 2! So, that means 12 years and have received a total of $283,800!

Cure Mommy’s grants funds for living expenses patients have fallen behind on while they are undergoing treatment—things that they need to keep going in order to stay healthy & recover.

Some examples: -utilities, mortgage, rent & car payments, health insurance, food are the main items we assist with. We do not however help with medical bills we feel that the items listed above are far more important to keep up with in order to recuperate &stay healthy.

LI2Day is most important because participants and supporters truly know where the money that is raised goes. It is not to high executive salaries or advertising but directly to patients in our local communities!

CURE MOMMY’S WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO WHAT WE DO WITHOUT LI2DAY! They have been our organizations largest source of funds for the last 12 years!

Our organization loves being a part of all the events that are held during the year because it is just the most wonderful group of people that participate and surely the people that run the events are amazing! All very motivating and selfless. You meet the best of the best!! I have developed such great long lasting relationships with other participants and organizers over these last 12 years!

Cure Mommy’s is always looking for volunteers to help out with events and always need more walkers!! Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me, Ellen Siddiqui, Executive Director, Cure Mommy’s at 516-967-1148.