In the Spirit of Giving

Like many of you I have been receiving emails about Giving Tuesday.  What a wonderful global concept!  The generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations is extremely important to organizations like LI2DAY.  It is crucial for LI2DAY because donations to our organization fund programs that assist those who are battling breast cancer and other cancers locally.  We are not a national cancer organization with paid spokespeople and advertising and marketing budgets.  We rely on word-of-mouth and the generosity from donors who make contributions to LI2DAY.  We accept donations of any size and any day of the week because every dollar makes a difference.
Fighting cancer is mentally, physically and financially debilitating on the patient and their family.  Your support funds programs that assist with the day-to-day battle with cancer.  For many it is a choice between paying the mortgage or getting the medicine to fight cancer…for some it is the choice to go to work to put food on the table for their family or be there for their sick child or wife.   Expenses for co-pays, wigs, padded seat belt covers, motorized chairs for woman who have had a mastectomy or sadly, funeral expenses…these are just a few ways funding helps.  Everyone in the family is affected by a cancer diagnosis.  But by donating, you can give those battling cancer a fighting chance by letting them focus on what’s really important…fighting!
In 13 years, LI2DAY has raised over $6 MILLION DOLLARS to fund programs that have assisted over 157,000 Long Islanders, awarded over $198,500 in scholarships, and $294,800 for breast cancer research grants to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  Programs encompass multi-cultural, socioeconomic and age-specific and underserved populations and have grown to include counseling services for children and teens affected by their parent/guardian’s cancer and hospice programs.
The more money LI2DAY fundraises, the more people we can help. But we can’t do it alone.  We’re the little engine that could…and we can with your support so please #jointhemovement “What’s raised here stays here” and help LI2DAY raise funds for programs that give those fighting cancer hope.
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Thank you for your support.