North Shore Neighbors Helping Hands Coalition

North Shore Neighbors was founded in 2003 after several years participating in the big name, multi day Breast Cancer events, raising money locally and sending it off to national organizations who claim to help local families although no one we knew had ever been helped by them……

We decided to raise money here and help people here….. Right Here Right Now !

Little did we know that at that same time another group was sitting at a dining room table discussing the same frustration, looking to find a way to accomplish the same goal, and looking for teammates to make it happen. This group was Ginny Salerno and the LI2Day Board.

In 2004 we became one of the 1st beneficiaries of the Inaugural LI2Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer.

In 2016 we accepted our 13th LI2Day grant bringing our total over $450,000 in just 13 years!!!

Thanks to LI2Day we have helped more than 400 local families who are fighting cancer.

Our purpose is simply help ease the burden that a cancer diagnosis put on the entire family.

We have enlisted the help of our families, friends, and neighbors.

We have harvested to generosity of local business and the trades.

We have pulled out all the stops.

And together we are making a difference…. Through our Lend a Helping Hand program North Shore Neighbors provides financial support & services for local families fighting breast & other cancers right here in the town of Brookhaven. Our mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters & brothers…… Our Families, Friends and Neighbors. Thanks to LI2Day we now help more families than we’d ever imagined. Our primary source for funding our Lend a Helping Hand program is LI2Day, without LI2Day it would be impossible for us to continue.

We have had more fun than you could ever imagine, made incredible lifelong friends, laughed and cried shared some terrible losses and celebrated incredible victories. North Shore Neighbors is LI2Day and we think you should be too!!!! Each year we invite new members to join our team, to walk, to run, to sponsor or volunteer……to make a difference Right Here Right Now !

The next major LI2Day event a 13.1-mile walk is coming up in June 2017

REGISTER:  join team WooHoo Warriors.


If you know someone who could use our help or who would like to find out more, please contact

Patti Kozlowski at or (631)225-2401